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Skye Tucker is a Professional Portrait Photographer based in the South Sound Area of Washington. Skye grew up in the Yelm area, studied at Western Washington University and graduated with a Business Degree in 2006. Skye and her husband followed a life long dream and moved to Montana in 2007.

Skye started her career in 2010, working with a sports photographer in greater the Bozeman area of Montana. Shortly after beginning her journey as a Professional Photographer, she discovered her love of candid, environmental and lifestyle based portraits of siblings, babies and families. Skye opened Sweet Pea Portraiture in 2010 and the business was renamed to Skye Tucker Photography in 2014 when she and her family moved back to Western Washington.

In 2015, Skye placed as a finalist in the global Shoot & Share Photo Contest, ranking in the top 10% worldwide in the children’s category. Skye is a proud member of the Professional Photographers Association and the local Pierce County PPA.


I am influenced and inspired by my own journey in Motherhood. My husband and I experienced years of infertility and multiple miscarriages both before and after the birth of our beautiful rainbow twins in April of 2011. That is when I learned that having the ability to physically hold your children for the very first time is nothing short of a miraculous and life altering gift.

I actually only have a few fleeting memories of the first 48 hours after our twins were born via c-section…. I do not remember holding our children for the very first time, the only thing I do have is a handful of photographs taken by my Mother when I was first able to visit them in the NICU. With out those photographs I would not have that moment. Four years later I only remember fleeting images of those first two days, which is why I am so passionate about capturing the bond, love and connection for others.

I will be forever grateful to my Mother for picking up that point and shoot camera, and preserving that memory even though I could not. Because personally for me, being a Mother is both the greatest gift and the most important adventure I will ever take…and not having the memory of the beginning of that journey would have been nothing short of devastating.

So, I have committed my business, my passion and my ability as a photographer to help others celebrate, cherish and preserve their beginnings & family bonds for a lifetime. <3

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Two years ago, we had never heard the words: Mitochondrial Disease. Much less were aware that every 30 minutes a child is born that will develop Mitochondrial Disease before the age of 10, and is considered to be more common than cystic fibrosis and more deadly than pediatric cancer in children. However, it is still relatively unknown in the general public. (Mito Action)

in 2013, our Son was diagnosed with Mito just before his 2nd birthday. The community of other Mito fighters and families is incredible and  the work that needs to be done to fundraise and fight this deadly disease is overwhelming. Throughout the year as a family we participate in fundraisers and events to help find a cure.

Through Skye Tucker Photography I am able to offer special local photography fundraising events and Macros for Mito, to find a way to give and fight back at the same time. If you would like to learn more about what it is like to be a Mito Mom, please check out my blog posts here.


I have a Bachelors in Business with a concentration in Marketing, and a minor in Geology. I am also a self employed Portrait Photographer since 2010. In all honesty, my brain is equal parts logic and creativity. I don’t know if I could have one without the other.

I believe that you CREATE the business you want…not WAIT for it to happen… and that marketing is always more than you think! My core principals are built on the Marketing Mix coined by Neil Borden in 1953, and has been evolving and expanding overtime, with the era of the digital and social age.

At its core the Marketing Mix is a business tool Marketers use to create an effective and cohesive marketing plan, to effectively create business and connect with the consumer. For my purposes with service based businesses I define the Marketing Mix as: Positioning, Price, Product, and Promotion.

As always, all of the information on this Blog is COMPLETELY free! If you like what you read and would like individualized coaching through the Marketing Mix to create a business around you, then check out the Coaching page in the menu above!