I believe that YOU control of the future and profitability of your business. I believe success comes through education, hard work and a clear business plan.

If you don’t know where you want to go, how can you possibly know if you ever arrive? I also believe that success looks different for everyone.

Understanding your own meaning of success and creating a road map for achieving it can be both liberating and instrumental in making real and lasting change in your business and your career!

I have a Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Western Washington University. I graduated in 2006, before Facebook and Social media ruled the world. I learned how to market the old school way, and have witnessed the rise of social media from the beginning. I started as a professional photographer in 2010, and I am a proud member of PPA and PCPPA.

What does that mean for you? With a background in business and a passion for service based businesses, I have an intimate understanding of the struggle small businesses face…when anyone can open shop and have a website. I believe that the way to stand out is to embrace the true scope and power of marketing beyond just social media.

I also believe that proven business principals can provide you a solid foundation to build a business around you, and what makes your business proprietary. Anyone can copy the structure of someone else’s business…but if you never make it about what makes you different…you may be missing the one thing that will help foster and achieve your dreams. I believe that you can create business, not just wait for it!

You know your business and its current state better than anyone.

That is why I feel effective change comes from a place of commitment, passion and collaboration. Sometimes it takes an objective party to collaborate WITH you. I do not believe that there is only one way to be successful, I think it comes from someplace deeper….someplace that motivates you.

I am here to help, end of story. I cannot do it for you…but together we CAN make lasting difference in the way you approach your business and develop your own strategic marketing mix!

Based in Pierce County

Serving the South Sound area of Western Washington.

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Free Initial Phone Consult

Lets chat first...no risk, no stress, AND NO COST!

Individualized Business Coaching

Have you already built and created an established business in your industry? Are you just starting out? Do you already have an idea of the direction you would like to take your business in the future? Do you need a resource to brainstorm with, and help determine areas for growth or address pain points with in your business?

I offer Individualized Business Coaching options that respects the hard work, blood, sweat and tears that you have poured into your business. Often, as business owners we just need someone to hold up a mirror, with fresh eyes…who is not so close to the journey…to discover how to create and instigate growth and what may be holding us back from achieving our goals.

Marketing is more than just promotions and advertisement. It is built on four areas that must work in unison to be effective.

The Marketing Mix: Price, Product, Positioning/Placement, and Promotion

If ANY of the four areas in your business are not working together to reach your target client, you may find that you are working hard and not achieving the desired results for your business. Understanding the business fundamentals as they apply to your specific business is not a cookie cutter process. It takes most of all an investment of time, your time and mine. We both know that true lasting success does not happen overnight…and that generalized solutions simply don’t work for everyone. So lets, start looking at your business based on what YOU want it to be!

The Marketing Mix Consulting is focused around three main principals:

  1. Evaluating entire marketing mix of your business at a high strategic level.
  2. Identifying and recognizing what is broken, or preventing growth.
  3. Empowering you to make meaningful and powerful organized changes in your business.

It is time to stop guessing, and start understanding. Start creating business…and become the visionary your business needs.

Initial (90 Minute) Marketing Mix Consultation – FREE!!!

Why FREE? Good question! In my experience business coaching is a personal and individualized process, because we often live, eat and breathe our businesses. Each person, personality, communication style, business structure and coaching recommendations are impossible to paint with a broad sweeping stroke.

The initial consultation allows for you and I to get to know each other with out money on the table so to speak. It allows us a chance to collaborate, and brainstorm about your business with out obligations. If you like what I have to say, hire me…and if I feel that coaching is not needed, I will be the first one to tell you. If there are things to be completed before coaching would be effective or if we are not a good fit in any way, there is no obligation, no money exchanged…because it is an opportunity for me to gain your trust, provide my perspective and hopefully gain you as a client.

Questions? Please feel free to send me an email to skye@skyetucker.com.

Please note: Each business is offered a maximum of (1) FREE consultation for every 24 months.

If you are an established business that needs help with specific action items, problems, new approaches or want to maximize your profit….then individualized coaching can be a great solution. Marketing effectively requires more than just good advertising…it is having a solid knowledge base for your ENTIRE marketing mix: Price/Promotion/Product/Positioning

Individualized coaching can cover topics including:

  • Creating Authenticity and Trust
  • Branding
  • Positioning
  • Pricing & Value
  • Workflow & Editing Efficiency
  • Sales Training & Pipeline
  • Creating Profitability
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Client Experience and Referral Systems
  • Effective Products & Packaging
  • Value Adding Services
  • Understanding Target Market & Metrics
  • Marketing Channel Evaluation & Planning
  • Marketing Pipeline & Funnels
  • Marketing for Growth
  • And…so much more!

Creating a clear unified vision for your business through out ALL of the marketing mix can have an incredible impact not only on your business but also your efficiency and client loyalty.

Due to the individualized nature of each business, coaching is offered at a rate of:

  • In-Person coaching segment (90 minutes): $150/session
  • Virtual (Skype/Phone) coaching segment (90 minutes): $75/session

My goal is to be a resource for you and your business, when you need a new approach or just need to get excited about your business again. Don’t wait until you are burned out at both ends, often the solutions are easier than you think…and will bring you a renewed sense of purpose and vision for both yourself and your business.

Concierge Coaching: Starting in March of 2017, I will be accepting only (5) clients slots for concierge coaching services at a discounted rate for longterm monthly coaching. Currently as of May 1st, 2017 only (1) spot remains available. Please inquire for additional details.


Find Your Value & Define Success

You are more valuable than you think!


Do you offer Bootcamps?

Currently there are no Marketing Bootcamps scheduled. If you would like to host one, or would like to stay in the loop for the next available event, please email skye@skyetucker.com.

Are there travel fees?

There are no travel fees for any location with in 25 miles of Puyallup, Washington. Travel fees are calculated on a custom basis. Please inquire with any questions.

Do you offer discounts?

Rarely. I do offer incentives for completing all three Boot Camps. Please inquire for specific details.

What if we need to reschedule?

Life happens. Because the Boot Camps are self paced, we work around your schedule. That said however if you need to re-schedule please give me 24 hours minimum notice. There is no fee for rescheduling you Boot Camp session, if proper notice is given..

If you choose to cancel your session all together and NOT reschedule it, with out the 24 hour notice the session deposit collected at the time of booking is kept in compensation for lost wages.

Do you offer a guaruntee?

Unfortunately no, it is impossible to do so…because the success of experience with business consulting is solely based on your own commitment and implementation. That is outside of my own control, which is why I believe in educating my clients so that they can take with them the foundational base of knowledge behind what we discuss. It is always more powerful when you know why…not just how.


The contact form is currently out of order. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Please email me directly at skye@skyetucker.com or via text message at 253-720-0447. Thank you for understanding, Skye